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At the August’s 2014 Pennsylvania State Convention, National Treasurer Harry Phillips, National Vice-President Stan Sarnocinski, Past National President Jim Dewees and National President Scott Shultz, sat down and began working on updating and rewording the Platform of Principles.

 Our intent was not to change its meaning and significance, but to put in place a version whose linguistic style is easier to comprehend, while also emphasizing in more detail some of the key points that are relevant to the issues we face as a country today.

At our National Executive Committee Meeting in November of 2014, 
the following revised Platform of Principles was approved:

  Next to love for the Creator, we believe that Patriotism is one of the highest and noblest desires of the human soul. We are a Patriotic/Fraternal organization that embraces the principles of Love, Forgiveness, and Grace; while recognizing the diversity of other faiths and cultures.

  We believe that without patriotic citizens the institutions of our country are not safe. We encourage the study of our nation's history, to reinforce in our hearts and minds, the Judeo/Christian principles upon which our country was founded. 

  We believe that we have the best form of government for the masses on the face of the earth, and for the welfare, prosperity and happiness of all American citizens and their descendants. We must protect our form of government and preserve it from the influence and control of any un-American sentiment or power, whether native or foreign.

  It is our hope that all citizens living under the safety and protection of the Stars and Stripes will honor and revere the Flag of the United States. By spreading sentiments of loyalty and patriotism and establishing a spirit of devotion to country among all citizens, we hope to inspire an attitude of self-sacrifice in the defense of this nation and the principles of freedom and justice that it represents.

  We recognize and support all citizens in military service to our nation. Remembering the importance of a strong and active military, we demand that the nation fulfills its responsibility to properly care for and revere all veterans regardless of their physical, emotional, or psychological needs.

  Realizing that the future welfare of our country rests in the youth of today, we invite them into our ranks. By taking an active interest in the principles of our Order, and by practicing leadership, they may more readily and intelligently become acquainted with the problems of government, and in the responsibility of leadership that results in a citizenry that stands aggressively for the highest duty of mankind, the preservation of government of the people, by the people and for the people.

  The protection of our Constitution is our system of free public schools, which provide an opportunity for all to receive the intellect necessary to defend and preserve our liberties and to become industrious citizens.

  We believe it is the responsibility of our government to encourage all individuals to be self-sufficient or to provide opportunities for those with limited capabilities. It is the duty of the government to provide equal opportunities for those with special needs to find and maintain the satisfaction of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, the government shall protect and contribute for those incapable of providing for themselves after exhausting the resources of family, churches, and other charitable organizations.

  The order shall never be used to advance the political interests of any member from a partisan standpoint or of any individual or political party

  We stand for a citizenship that so conducts its influences and actions --- socially, politically, morally and religiously --- as to promote the highest welfare of our country and pledges their full allegiance to our flag and the liberty and justice to all that it represents.

  We demand the restriction of immigration; not on the basis of race or religious creed, but upon physical, mental and moral grounds. We cordially welcome all foreigners who come to this country legally with the desire to use their talents and intellect to become responsible, productive, loyal American citizens and who sincerely disavow all allegiance to foreign governments.

  We invite all citizens who believe in this country and its institutions and who desire to perpetuate free government and who wish to encourage a fraternal feeling among Americans, to the end that we may exalt our country, to join with us in our work of patriotism.

  We desire this declaration to be taken and construed only at its face value and that no addition or variation shall be read into it and our Order thereby be misrepresented.
 As an American fraternity, it is our sole purpose to stand for and work openly for a more excellent and genuine American Patriotism.